2016 Winter Fashion for Men

Just because you will be swaddled in winter outer wear does not mean that you will allow your style to take a back seat. You can look as stylish as ever in spite of the chilly cold by following some of these winter fashion tips:

2016 Winter Fashion for Men

Wear Leather

A leather jacket is still the trendiest outer wear for winter despite all the faux furs, wools and nylons that have become so widespread as a material for winter outer garments. A leather jacket will not only keep you warm, it will also keep the rain and snow at bay. But there are things you need to do to keep your leather looking at its best all the time. To protect it from potentially harmful dampness and humidity, spray your leather with water-repellent spray.

Wear Vests

Vests are the most basic and essential clothing item for the layered look. A vest is one extra fortification against the chilly winds of winter and a tasteful and fashionable way to keep warm. Wear a vest over a sweater to ensure that even your arms are kept toasty and warm. The secret to wearing a vest is the proper matching of fabrics and textures. Wear a chunkier vest over a custom hoodie with a similar texture and volume and a lightweight vest over a leaner and finer knit.

Lear to Tie a Scarf

A scarf will add pizzazz to your winter look and will keep your neck snugly warm. There are four ways to tie a scarf perfectly and know these trivia bout wearing scarf and you’ll never go wrong.
• The most fashionable way to tie a scarf is the Parisian style
• Short leather jackets work well with most styles of tying a scarf
• Patterned and colorful scarves are a fantastic way to add excitement to your look.

Scarves are also a style-do in winters. For men who are a little cautious when it comes to wearing colors, a scarf is the best way to add color to your ensemble without getting too committed.

A silk scarf is a completely different matter and might seem like a curious accessory choice but it is one fantastic fashion accessory that can pull an outfit together like no other. More often than not silk scarves are worn for its aesthetic worth rather than for practical reasons such as for warmth. A silk motorcycle or aviator scarf worn with a bomber jacket is one dashing addition to an ensemble that completes the military vibe. Silk scarves are even worn by stylish guys in lieu of a tie to complete a formal ensemble.

Whether you’re wearing a wool, cotton, cashmere or silk scarf, the way you tie or knot your scarf will make a lot of difference in creating a particular look or style. Learn the different ways of tying or wearing a scarf and project a different personality each and every time you wear your scarf.

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