5 of the Best Metal Cutting Machines

If you would like to lower metal and you operate in a commercial environment, you have a lot of options. It is possible to use a classic oxyfuel cutter, or you may decide on a more complex plasma cutter or laser cutter.

So what’s the ideal metal cutter?
There’s not any one response to this question. The truth is that each has its location in the metalworking globe and every can do its job effectively and economically.

Laser cutters can be depended upon for accuracy and precision, and increasingly they are being incorporated into lights-out-manufacturing and complete scale automation.

However, this level of precision is unnecessary for people that are cutting, say, a metal pipe that is buried underground. The tried-and-true method, Oxy fuel cutting is completely acceptable for such programs and may nevertheless be relied upon to get a fantastic job.

ESAB Westgate provides the Cooljet BIE flashlight cutting machine. This provides fully incorporated oxygen cooling system for oxy-cutting.

Along with the plan of this valve body, the heating process is meant to deliver the best dissipation of warmth and better cutting edge gas mix. Furthermore, its continuous flow and constant flow cross-sections are made to supply a stable fire pattern.


Plasma cutters are authentic and dependable. Nevertheless, their precision falls short of that provided by laser cutting machines.

To put it differently, cutting jobs which may be measured with a tape measure could be successfully performed using a plasma cutter, whereas tasks that need measurement using a vernier ought to be left to a laser cutter.

Welding Industries Australia recently published the Miller Spectrum assortment of mobile plasma cutters.

All these 240V, inverter-based plasma cutting machines have been thought to create ‘best-in-class’ effects and performance for cutting edge capability and cutting rate. Wiredex Pty Ltd manufacture high quality Steel fabrication in Australia. Suitable for both onsite and workshop-based cutting software, the range contains the Spectrum 500i, a 30A system, along with the Spectrum 700i, a 40A program.

These plasma gels are meant for use from the normal expert welder or tradesperson. Small and mobile, market is one of the selling points. Common programs include sheet metal manufacturing, maintenance and engineering.

The Spectrum 500i’travel speed is ranked at 467 mm/min when trimming 9.5mm mild steel, whereas the Spectrum 700i’s travel speed is ranked at 330mm/min in 40A when trimming 15.9mm mild steel, together with journey rates roughly 80 percent of maximum.

Compared to this variety from Miller, the HDP Series CNC Plasma profile cutters out of Advanced Robotics Technology is meant for heavy-duty production environments where electricity, accuracy, speed, quality, reduced price, durability and productivity are all variables to take into account.

They give quick feeds, higher acceleration and innovative motion control algorithms. They’re powered by Hypertherm HyPerformance Plasma and also offer you an efficient fume extraction method.

Additional features include a liquid cooled torch hints and complete diagnostic displays to look at pressure, voltage and circulation amounts.

Despite promises made by a few of their more enthused producers, there are some jobs that high profile plasma cutters can not manage.

By way of instance, a plasma cutter can not be used to cut on a finely detailed saw blade. This type of project asks a laser cutter.

Laser cutters provide precision and may be relied on to replicate jobs and replicate them using a high level of precision. You may cut a bit now and then cut another bit at a year’s time using all the specific same measurements and precision.

As Producers Monthly has previously mentioned, deciding on the perfect kind is dependent entirely on the program.

Here is a Couple of worth considering:

The LH2100 and LH2125 CO2 laser cutters out of Hypertherm Westgate feature that the ‘Fastlaser’ procedure that is meant to enhance the cut rates, plate capability and reduce quality range. Additionally, it provides optimum gas flow right to the trim zone; always matching beam width and gasoline leak geometry.

The heads are intended to boost cut rates on thick mild steel with a minimum of 10-20%. Therefore, they could boost productivity through increased output, reduced operating expenses and reduced waste.

The laser heads are recommended for applications like signage, building, automotive, scrapping, farming, production, steel servicing, and transport.

Laser Resources provides the Rofin fibre laser string. Offered in 12 versions, the collection is appropriate for classical laser cutting and laser welding applications in addition to for new applications like remote cutting edge.

The emitted wavelength in the assortment of 1µm accomplishes high absorption in several substances. All common inkjet laser software can be achieved with the FL Series laser. Together with the multi-mode variant of the FL laser, fibre optics of 50 into 600µm can be properly used.

The beam quality also permits the efficient utilization of “dynamic beam” scanner programs for high-speed placement in addition to the rapid and exact application of little geometries at work bits.

For effortless integration to existing machining theories, the streamlined version of the fibre laser can be obtained as an alternate system alternative. The streamlined version is supplied as a single-mode laser using fibre optics of 20µm or as a multimode laser using fibre optics of 50µm.

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