Easy steps in restoring and maintaining Terrazzo floors

First off, we have to understand t meaning of the word terrazzo to appreciate its origin. Terrazzo floorings are said to be inspired by the ancient Venetian period. Its art and uniqueness remains classical and attractive which made it more even special. These floorings are not already made neither are made to order tile. In fact, during the ancient period, terrazzo floorings are made from saved marble or tile cuts that are no longer being used by the owner which is also applicable at this era.  This idea is practical because it is a very cost effective way of saving money but the outcome is indeed elegant.

This kind of flooring is not only best when used inside the house but can be more attractive when used in patios and pavements. Though this flooring is made up of tiles or marbles, it still requires restoration after years of usage. Like any other floorings, this kind of floor should also be repaired after a long term use. Floors need to be repaired to promote safety and to maintain its original state. There are lot of ways for us to repair and maintain the beauty these terrazzo floorings. This includes the do it your own steps or either by contacting contractors to do the job for you. However, if the floorings haven’t reached the damaged level yet, you can do simple and easy measures to maintain its original condition. To make it possible, it is very important to know the don’ts first. This will remind us of the things that should not be done to avoid damaging the floorings.

The following are the things that we should not do to avoid damaging the floors:

Always get the opinion or advice of the National Terrazzo & Mosaic Association (NTMA) or your flooring contraction before applying and chemicals onto your floorings. This is to make sure that they do not harm to the state of your floors. Do not experiment on your floorings by using all purpose cleaners most especially those that have crystallizing salts and acids that are not recommended by your contractor to make sure that your floorings will be free from harm. Of course, it will never be completed without us knowing the things that we need to do. These are the following: Always use neutral cleaning solution for your floor, if you are not sure about it, better ask your contractor. Dust mopping the floors should be done at least daily to remove dusts that lurk within the edges and cuts. Use water based sealers that are recommended by the contractors only.

 Always keep in mind to use maintenance products that are made for terrazzo tiles only to make sure that it cannot damage the floorings. And if you are in doubt of the product, always consult your contractor. Remember that it is always necessary to ask experts before we take actions to avoid damaging the floorings. It could take a matter of seconds to apply the said solutions but the effects or damaging marks that will be left on the floorings will take a lifetime. Terrazzo floorings are cost effective and are creative. It does not serve as floorings alone, but it can add up to the beauty and concept of your home

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